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FOLKTRAX 275 - THE GAELIC WEST - The West of Ireland & the Western Isles

Presented by Seamus Ennis - Compiled and produced by Alan Lomax 1951

An outstanding study of Celtic music in which Seamus wonders why the Irish have not preserved, except in Donegal, any of the rhythmical chorus songs he encountered on his visit to the Hebrides. He also gives an account of his work for the Irish Folklore Commission in the 1940s when he transcribed hundreds of songs from phonograph records - he himself sings and ends by playing a lament followed by a reel on his handed down set of Uillean (bellows-blown) bagpipes.

Keening - AN CAILIN AERACH - Talk about collecting - NA MISHA - Another song - SOLDIER, SOLDIER - Talk & phonograph - CUCANANDY - Maureen O Sullivan - The Fox Chase - Padraig O Keefe - AN MHAIGHDEAN MHARO - MISE CHUNNAIC Hebridean Chorus - Waulking Song - Milkmaid Song - Drinking Song - Cow Croon - THIG A CHIUNNEAG, THIG - Big Song - UNA BHAN - Port a beul & Poteen Story - Fairy Song - SEOTHIN SEO - THE ONE-TUNE FIDDLER - The Lark in the morning - Mary McLeod, Barra & Annie Johnson - Bird imitations: Puffin/Crow/ Black-backed Gull - Cantearachd - Pibroch singer & piper - Female Canterachd - Lament & Reel


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