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This album supplements the songs and ballads from John & Ethel Findlater on FTX-063 and the Instrumentalists on FTX-064. Here are 19 vocals from 4 women and 4 men, representing a variety of ballad types and some sea songs that reflect the previous importance of Orkney as a whaling base. In addition to the ballad THE GREAT SILKIE OF SULE SKERRY, sung by John Sinclair of Flotta, we give all 50 verses of the remarkable NOR-EEN'S NIGHT BEGGING CAROL, sung by a group of men on North Ronaldsay quay.

1. THE GREAT SILKIE OF SULE SKERRY (Child#113): John Sinclair, Flotta - 2'55"

2. LULLABY: Johina Leith, Stenness (talk before) - 0'48"

3. FAREWELL TO STROMNESS: Johina (talk before) - 3'46"

4. THE OLD MAID'S LAMENT: Johina - 1'38"

5. THE SAILOR'S RETURN (The Young & Single Sailor): Johina - 3'00"

6. Talk about the next song by Sidney Scott, North Ronaldsay - 2'14"

7. WE ARE A St MARY'S MEN (Nor Een's Night Carol) - Sidney Scott with chorus rec on the quayside - 10'53"

8. THE BRIG COLUMBUS: Dorothy Fourbister, Kirkwall - 3'34"

9. THE FROGGIE SONG: Annie Patterson, Harray (talk before & after) - 1'41"

10. TAM GIBB'S SOO: Annie (explanation after by her son) - 1'38"

11. THE WEE COOPER O' FIFE: Annie - 0'42"

12. WILL OF THE LUM: Annie - 1'43"

13. BOLD DIGHTON: Davie Laughton (talk after) - 6'02"

14. HOY'S DARK LOFTY ISLE: Davie (talk before) - 3'34"

15. SPANISH PLAY: Davie (talk after) - 2'56"

16. SALLY MUNRO: Kate Newlands (travelling draper) rec by the roadside (talk after) - 6'34"

17. SIR JAMES THE ROSE: Peter Pratt, Tob - 1'53"

18. THE PAINFUL PLOO: Peter (talk after) - 2'26"

19. THE TWO SOLDIERS: Peter (fragment) - 0'41"

20. WILLIAM AND MARY: Peter (one verse only) - 0'35"

Recorded by Peter Kennedy in the Orkneys July, 1955. Edited by Peter Kennedy and first published on Folktrax cassettes 1980.

DOROTHY FOURBISTER, Flotta. "Dot" also sang a version of the ballad "The Two Sisters" (of which there is an extract on FTX-501).

JOHINA LEITH, Stenness. "Poor Old Maid" can also be heard on FT-019 and "Farewell to Stromness" on FTX-515.

ANNIE PATTERSON (Age 82) of Harray, rec St Andrews. Also sang "Two Sailors Walking" (The Broken Token).

PETER PRATT of Toab, also sang versions of "Andrew Ross", "Hoy's Dark Lofty Isle" and "The Fate of the Ramillies". His instrumentals on fiddle and whistle can be heard on FTX-064. He also played melodeon.

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